02 de febrer 2008

Fa quasi 4 anys

Joseph Puigdengolas Torres, from the University of Barcelona, Spain to the University of San Carlos, Guatemala.
Modules: Each participating country/university will hold series of lectures on the topic of law, bringing over professors/lecturers from abroad (Europeans to Latin America , and Latin Americans to Europe , respectively), in order to foster a high-level academic exchange of ideas and knowledge.
Mobility: Post-graduate students attending these lectures will submit research proposals. Best proposals will be awarded a research grant. Each grantee will spend 6 months in the other continent and conduct research. (3 students from Europe –1 per country—and 9 from LA –3 per country—will participate in the exchange).
The MOBILITY OF THE STUDENTS concerned 18 students in total and represents the most successful element of the project. The participation of a large number of LA and EU students, contributed to the establishment of a mutual understanding of European and American supra-national mechanisms for the protection of individual rights. The students took part in various courses regarding the interplay between international law and local law regarding the judicial strublica un missatgeucture.
Va ser genial.

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